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Ease into fall with carefully curated products chosen to help you set new intentions, let go of things that are no longer serving you and pave way for renewed inspirations.

Four times a year we will creating a box based on the energy of each season.  In our fall Be Well box, you will find a collection of eight products (ranging from gemstone jewelry, candles, all natural bath and body products and more) as well as an intention card to help turn your intentions into tangible manifestations. 

Our Be Well subscription will consist of 4 boxes, one for each season, fall, winter, spring and summer.  Boxes will ship out September, December, March and June. 

Don't want to commit to all four seasons? You can also purchase each box individually.

Box available for pickup and /or shipping starting September 17th

Customer Reviews

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Be Well Box

I love love love this box! Everything is so beautiful. All the scents from Two Sisters Naturals are soft and addictive. The jewelry from Shiny Soul Creations are perfectly created for every day wear. Cant wait for the next box!!

Thank you so much for sharing Sarah!! We can not wait to share the winter box with you!!

I LOVE the Be Well box. I have/will use everything in the box. I couldn’t be more pleased. The colours are amazing and the product choices are fabulous. Can’t wait for the winter box! I would highly recommend.

Thank you Lindsay! So glad you are loving the box and all of the products chosen.

Loved it! Can't wait for the next one....

Thank you Colleen, we can’t wait to share the winter Be Well box with you!
Be Well, Enjoy, Relax

So glad I ordered this box, I love everything about it - its content, natural ingredients, smells, pastel colors, stones, intention cards, silver jewellery, tiny details that makes you happy - everything is filled with love, care and harmony. Unique and one of a kind! Thank you Two Sisters Naturals and Shiny Soul Creations for this nice surprise, can't wait for winter box!

Thank you so much Anna! We can’t wait to share the Winter Be Well box with you!
Be Well and Buy This Box!

So in love with my Be Well box! Every single item in the collection is unique, made with care, and smells amazing of course. It definitely helps easing into fall a little better and the winter box can't come soon enough! Thank you ladies !