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Making The Switch: What You Need to Know About Natural Deodorant

April 16, 2021 3 min read

Making The Switch: What You Need to Know About Natural Deodorant

When it comes to cosmetics, we all have our go-tos and must-haves. But if there’s one thing most of us just can’t live without, it would be our deodorant.

With more green beauty products hitting the shelves, the options can be overwhelming and you might be wondering what’s best for you. To help, we’re breaking down the deodorant debate. Here’s what you need to know.

Not all Ingredients are Created Equal

Experts warn that the ingredients in traditional antiperspirants and deodorant may have a negative effect on our body chemistry, altering the skin’s ecosystem and immunity over time.

In addition to the potential health risks, some antiperspirants can be particularly unfriendly for the skin, as they contain aluminum-based salts. The aluminum component is essentially intended to prevent excess sweating but can clog pores in the process.

In 2010, a Canadian study cited twelve common cosmetic chemicals and compounds known as “The Dirty Dozen” which were identified as having the potential to cause health problems. Some of these ingredients like sulfates and synthetic fragrances are shown to irritate skin, whereas others have more serious consequences, such as hormone disruption and increased risk of cancer.

Clean Beauty is Taking Over

If all of the above sounds like bad news, we’ve got some good news too. As more consumers demand cleaner cosmetics, more brands are rising to the occasion. Natural deodorants are a trending beauty topic and with good reason.

Natural deodorants work much the same as your regular deodorant, but provide a holistic alternative that is better for your body and your peace of mind. By formulating with natural ingredients, like moisturizing coconut oil and scented with plant-based essential oils, a natural deodorant prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, giving you all the benefits you want, minus the toxic ingredients.

Recognizing the need for clean and effective deodorant options, Two Sisters Naturals has created our proprietary all-natural deodorant and it has fast become our bestseller. A customer favourite, reviewers love that the product lasts all day and comes in fresh scents like lavender, lemon and creamsicle.

Tips for Making the Switch

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a more conscious consumer, your deodorant is a perfect place to start. It's easy to make the switch. Here’s are some of our top tips:

● Prepare to perspire
When first starting to use natural deodorant, you may need to adjust to the idea of sweating a bit more, if you were using a deodorant with antiperspirant. Just remember that sweat doesn’t equal smell. Sweating is a natural and healthy function of the body for detoxification and heat regulation. The essential oils in the deodorant will help mask the odour, so don’t panic.

● Keep clean

Because antiperspirants can alter your body chemistry, you may initially notice that your body is purging old odour-causing bacteria after you stop use. This is temporary and the easy fix is to keep the underarm area clean. You can even exfoliate the area very gently with a scrub, a few times per week, to help detoxify the skin faster.

● Give it a some time

Although it may take a few days to weeks to get used to your new deodorant, the benefits are well worth it. Before long, you’ll forget you ever used anything else. Trust us, it's worth it!

● Treat sensitive skin right

Certain skin types can be more reactive to natural ingredients like baking soda. If this is you, be sure to opt for a sensitive skin blend that is free of artificial fragrance and doesn’t irritate your skin.


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Dora Geddes
Dora Geddes

August 10, 2023

I love love this deodorant! It works great. Feels soft , and last all day. Thank u two sisters

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