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 Our original best seller!

There’s a reason that our natural deodorant is always in high demand -  IT WORKS!  Our carefully selected blend of natural ingredients will keep you fresh all day by inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria. Simply apply a pea size amount under each arm.

We don’t recommend applying right after shaving. Choose our original blend unless you know you have a sensitivity to baking soda. If you do have a sensitivity to baking soda choose our sensitive skin deodorant

Have a sensitivity to baking soda free?  Check out our sensitive skin deodorant. Unsure which deodorant to order? We suggest starting with our orginal blend unless you know you have a sensitivity to baking soda. 
Note: this product contains coconut oil which has a low melting point. If your product does liquefy simply stir to redistribute the solids. If it has solidified before you get a chance to stir, simply microwave for a few seconds. Vegan, aluminum free. 

Available in five scents: creamsicle, empowered, lavender, lemon, and woods.


2oz I 60ml reusable, refillable and recyclable glass jar


Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Tea Tree, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Creamsicle - Tea Tree Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine, Vanilla

Lemon - Tea Tree, Lemon

Lavender - Tea Tree, Lavender

Empowered - Tea Tree, Patchouli, Lavender, Wild Orange

Woods - Siberian Fir, Cedarwood, Lime, Frankincense 

Please note this product is temperature sensitive. If you are shipping this product please make sure it is shipped to an address where you will directly recieve your package. Please see our Shipping & Returns Policies for further information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Lavender Deodorant

I am never going back to another deodorant again. This deodorant has made it through many workouts with no smell.


I've tried a few natural deodorants from health stores, but the creamsicle scent beats them all. Used it in Cuba in a week of pretty hot weather and it held up. Great product!

Wonderful product!

Wonderful product! It really works! And the little jar lasts a long time...about 2 months.


I have tried a lot of natural deodorants and this one is my new favourite! The consistency is perfect - rubs in easily without being greasy/messy and goes on nice and dry. Keeps odour away all day. Love the creamsicle scent and can’t wait to try the others!

Lasts all day!!

Great product! I put this on in the morning and I go all day without feeling like I need more! I'm actually blown away by how well it holds up during the day, with my old deodorant I would have to reapply throughout the day, but so far I haven't reapplied once with this!! This product goes on like butter, a little goes a long way and I can definitely say I'm never going back to my old stuff!

Yay! That makes us so happy to hear :)